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L.F.I Coaching & Development is perfect for you if...


You feel stuck...

If you feel like you're stuck and want to move quickly and easily forward. Have limiting beliefs or patterns of thinking that you know are keeping you from reaching your goals. You know what you want, but you can't seem to do what you need to do to get it.


You experience personal branding issues and struggle with...

  • Understanding what you want to be known for

  • Clarifying how to differentiate yourself from your competition and stand out from the crowd

  • Cultivating a style or image that reflects the "true you"

  • Identifying what you need to do in order to attract your ideal clients

  • Or finding ways to position yourself as leader in your niche or industry


You feel that there's something more...

Despite being unsure of what it is, where to begin, or how to get there, you have a strong sensation that you have a mission, something you should be doing, or something that has to change. It is possible for something to get off to a strong start, but later it may stall for reasons you are unable to pinpoint.

Transformational Coaching Services

My clients who receive transformational coaching work to transform their self-perception. In my profession, I put a lot of effort into assisting clients in uncovering the underlying false assumptions, beliefs, standards, and attitudes that affect how they perceive themselves, the world, and other people. My main goal is to assist you in creating a mindset that enables you to get rid of self-defeating beliefs, opinions, and actions and swap them out with ones that will help you achieve incredible goals and lead the life you've always wanted. You can grow your brand to be the best version of yourself by improving your mindset. We will analyze your wardrobe, create and refine your personal brand, and ensure that your appearance and image are consistent with your objectives and message. You'll leave feeling inspired to live your best life, on the inside and out!

Sessions are available via phone, Zoom, or in-person, if geographically permissible. 
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Renew You!  Love Your Life

"Renew YOU, Love Your Life!" is a balanced, well-crafted program that guides you through a 3 step process over a course of 90 days. In 3 months, you’ll get to the heart of what’s holding you back so you can reset your habits and refresh your life.  This 90-day program is a powerful combination of traditional coaching towards client-set goals, and completing homework and exercises that help people reconnect to themselves, get re-energized, clear out the mental clutter and set meaningful short-term goals – renewing them and helping them reconnect to and love their lives! Leave the blahs behind and connect with your joyful, energized self.


Enlightened Relationships

I invite you to participate in 6 sessions to learn about your relationship and break the drama cycle of unsatisfactory communication patterns with your partner. Discover how to communicate better, forgive more easily, and create a vision of what you want in a relationship. Learn to cultivate a more conscious relationship through openness, honesty, and deliberation, and discover the secrets to long-term relationship success.  No one wants to be unhappy in their relationship. Practicing effective communication skills will resolve many conflicts and misunderstandings while taking your relationship to a higher level. 


Transformational Life Coaching 

Do you need to work out a step-by-step plan to unravel your life and reset it in a positive and productive way? Creating a custom coaching package is an opportunity to cover a variety of topics that you need direction with. A custom coaching session or package will allow us to focus on challenging aspects of your world, in order to take the proper steps towards defining your vision and enhancing your life for personal success and productivity. Work with me and create your plan and strategy to gain life enhancing techniques and tools to start living your fullest life — a Vibrant Life!


Support Group

Group Coaching 

***Options made available upon request.***

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Image Coaching : Brand Development

Because your brand is your competitive edge, brand development is very crucial. Since you are your brand, nobody can compete with you. With this service, you can establish the message you want to communicate, acquire clarity and confidence in who you are, and work toward your personal and/or professional goals. The message you develop in Brand Development will be reflected in your wardrobe and all of your online personas if you are clear about your brand. By providing you with expert feedback and changing the message you are conveying through your online presence and anywhere you are representing yourself, we expedite this process.


Organizational Development 

Beginning Summer 2023......

Increasing an organization's health and effectiveness is the goal of organizational development. Organizational development coaches examine businesses and other organizations from the top down to identify changes that might transform them into industry leaders. I enjoy leading group training sessions in the classroom and working one-on-one with clients. However, I also like working on more general organizational development projects, particularly in smaller businesses where I can significantly influence their culture and structure.

Satisfaction Guarantee

You have my 100% commitment that  I will do all in my power to help you reach your goals through transformative coaching. An experience that is judgment-free, neutral, discreet, and that provides you with useful tools to help you divide your goals into manageable steps.

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