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Meet Wil

Mental Health Professional & Transformational Coach

I assist men and women in altering and elevating
their self-image, presence, and mindset to exactly connect with their personal brand through coaching. I assist my clients in developing a successful personal or professional brand that communicates their most positive self-perceptions.  By working on their self-esteem, confidence, and motivation, I want to help people feel invincible and live life to the fullest. I want to help people who are having trouble with self-doubt and second-guessing themselves, getting out of bed and following their dreams,  gaining weight, bad relationships, work burnout, and other problems. With my help, they'll be able to look at things completely different and see more clearly. My job is to get people to set targets and accomplish them, and to assist them in developing a mindset that can't be stopped.  When working with clients, I concentrate on listening to both spoken and unspoken words. I encourage my clients to take control of their lives, to be fearless and unapologetically curious about what is possible. 

Get rid of the thoughts and feelings that are holding you back! We won't spend much time "talking about problems" or digging into the past, as we would in counseling. Instead, we help you get rid of the blocks you're facing right now so you can move forward and make changes that help you as a whole.

I started my coaching practice to help people get over their own feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt and show the world a more positive and successful side of themselves. We will work directly together to create or customize a coaching program that's right for you, and you'll get 1-on-1 help along the way.

Wil has extensive training, education and credentials, including the Personal Style Certificate from the New York Institute of Art & Design. Aside from that, he also holds an A.S in Social Sciences, a B.S in Communication, an M.A in Human Services Counseling (life coaching), and a second Master's in Marketing: (digital marketing & advertising). Wil has coaching certifications in Marriage Coaching, Financial Coaching, Advanced Life Coaching and is currently in training for NLP Coaching (Neuro-linguistic programming) and O.D Coaching (Organizational Development). Wil has worked as a Hair & Makeup Artist and Image Consultant for over 25 years. 

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How I Can Help You!

Image Branding is your competitive advantage. No one can compete with you because you are unique. This service helps you establish clarity and confidence in who you are, defines your message, and achieves your
personal and/or professional goals.
My coaching gives guidance on issues like mindset, business, and relationships, as well as how to create opportunities and make the most of them, how to change to become a better leader in life and business, and how to become strong enough to handle any challenge that comes your way. We will work together as a team to deal with things like mental blocks and limits, resilience, leadership skills, image management, creating successful relationships, creating new opportunities, and good communication.

By defining your brand, your wardrobe and online presence will reflect it. I've helped people improve their looks and lifestyles, giving them the confidence to do what's important.

My ability to perceive people's finest sides is unstoppable. It shines with possibility.  Now I get to help my clients feel as good as they look.

Therapy vs Coaching

A therapist focuses on your past troubles by giving "talk therapy". This helps you unleash bottled-up emotions and mental habits.

A coach spends time learning about your past to understand why you're
in your current circumstance, but their focus is on your future and where you want to be.


Seeing a therapist before working with a coach may be good if you have old emotional wounds or traumatic difficulties from your parents or
family that are weighing you down.

A life coach cannot diagnose depression, anxiety, ADHD, bipolar disorder, etc. And can't prescribe drugs.

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