Image Coaching Services:

Customized Packages & Services Available

Image is more than physical appearance. In addition to how someone looks, we also form an impression on how someone talks and behaves.
We not only help our clients, in image transformation by appropriate clothing communication but also by improving their self-beliefs, their vocal/non vocal communication and etiquette, such as: -
• Incorporating personal style in dressing and conducting 
• Dressing as per your body shape, variation and personal color.
• Dressing as per events and occasion. 
• Non vocal communication- handshake, posture, eye contact etc.

Wardrobe Evaluation & Reorganization - Now and then you must be encountering that depressing moment when you open your closet and can’t find anything you actually want to wear because it’s all messed up there.
We help you to revamp and organize your wardrobe that reflects your   personal style, consists of high quality pieces organized in a neat and tidy manner which makes you feel confident and inspired every day.

Personal Shopping and Co-Shopping -We assist our clients in buying clothes and accessories as per their body shape, variation and personal color and that too within their budget reach. Our aim is to make the shopping experience memorably by making the client look stylish and beautiful. We assist clients by:-
• Understanding the likes and dislikes of the clients
• Make shopping plans as per the budget of the client
• Allow only those clothes and accessories to be purchased which give them fabulous look as per body shape and color
• Encourage clients to buy clothes in cluster and assist in smart shopping.e

Grooming, Skincare & Makeup -We help you to acquire skills, tools and tips for daily mens grooming (Skin, hair & beards), for women,  every day make up that not only covers up your blemishes but simply enhances your natural beauty and glow providing you that extra confidence happiness and positive energy to deal any type of situation.










Makeup Consultation : Lesson

Makeup Consultation is a personal tailored makeup design to:

1. Analyze your skin type to choose the best skin care routine and makeup products.
2. Analyze your natural skin colors to find the most flattering colors for your foundation, eyebrow, eyeshadow, blush, contour, and lipstick.
3. Analyze the line pattern, proportion, and shape in your facial features, then combine with your personality, lifestyle, and preference to design your own makeup style.
4. Teach you how to apply your daily makeup and how to transfer this to special event makeup.
5. Introduce tips on makeup application technique.
6. Introduce current trends in makeup style, application techniques, and products.

Group Makeup Classes are also available. Please contact us for detail.


Body Shape / Color Analysis -Body shape is all about proportion and fashion, about dressing those proportions to look their very best. It is just not about height, weight or trying to look thin but it’s about accentuating your shape and enhancing what you have so that you feel comfortable, confident and your best in every outfit you wear. Each of us is unique, and our bodies are too. Very few women have an ideal body shape. However, when you understand how to dress to flatter your shape you can create the illusion of the ideal body shape! Learning how to dress for your body type takes the guesswork out of which styles suit you and why. This educational session saves you spending money on clothes and accessories that looked great in the shop, but that you rarely, if ever, wear.

Color makes a strong emotional impact on both the wearer and the viewer. And did you know it's the first thing a person notices about you? Wearing your best range of colors will make you look younger, healthier, and vibrant. While wearing unflattering colors can make you look older, tired and even ill. How you wear color also affects your perceived body shape. This is why a color analysis an essential part of a style makeover.

Style Evaluation & Transformation- Looking stylish is not about youth, beauty, size, spending lots of money, or even fashion. It's about understanding and respecting yourself for who you are and having the knowledge to discover and project your style confidently. In this style session you'll discover how to express the style you want in words and clothes.

 Coaching Packages

(Can be customized)

For Men:      Boys Have Swagg, Men Have CLASS!

What's included?

First, we build the foundation, we’ll uncover what’s really important to you, your
business and personal values, goals and life priorities. This segment helps us to
assess you and your aspirations.

1. Color Consultation
During the color session you will learn why certain shades complement your natural coloring helping you to select shirts, ties and suiting for optimal impact for business or in a social situation. You will also learn how to wear color combinations that work for you and your lifestyle.

2. Style Consultation
We’ll figure out your style story and discuss the best cuts of fabric, textures, patterns and shape for your build.

3. Personal Grooming
Together, we’ll address how your hair, accessories and eyewear can positively affect your image.

4. Personal Shopping (*Optional)
Finally, we will put it altogether and plan a shopping list or experience a personal shopping trip together* where I will show you what to buy to create an inspiring and functional wardrobe.


For Women - "Always a Lady!"

What's included?

1. Color Consultation
During the color session you will learn why certain shades complement your natural coloring more than others. You will also learn how to wear color combinations that work for you and your lifestyle. Knowing this makes your outfit combinations far easier to coordinate.

2. Body Shape Analysis

We will discuss the best cuts of fabric, textures and patterns for your body shape

2. Style Consultation
Together, we’ll figure out your style story plus how to create outfits that work for you.

3. Hair and makeup
A makeup lesson and hair consultation complete the process – because we all know how fabulous you feel with the right hairstyle and a flattering pop of lipstick.


       "Transform My Style"

With this program I guide you through a magic process to identify what you'd like your style to be. With your style criteria in hand we work on your wardrobe to create stylish outfits suitable for every area of your life.

Just as it took a while to get to where your style is now it's going to take a while to totally transform your wardrobe and create new dressing habits: to learn what to buy and how to combine items into outfits that flatter, nurture and function for your life. However, I show you how to use new purchases with items you already own so you can get more use out of them and still feel stylish. With this program I'll be with you every step of the way to support your style transformation.

Over a 3-12 month period (we'll agree the duration together by seeing what's relevant for you) this style transformation program provides a clear pathway to transform your personal style once and for all. It will lead you from where you are to where you really want to be.



This style program will:

Transform your style in all areas of your life. It includes...

  • Uncovering what you want your style to be taking into account your personality and your lifestyle

  • Identifying the colors and styles that flatter your coloring and proportions

  • Creating outfits you love suitable for all areas of your life -- no more stressing about what to wear, simply choose an outfit from your photo look book or wardrobe chart

  • Supporting you with feedback on outfits you create and suggestions of what to wear for unexpected events

The Transform My Style Program includes:

  • Style Discovery Day to work out what you want your style to be, to learn your style fundamentals, and to create your transformation plan 

  • Wardrobe Workouts to transition your wardrobe to your new style, for each season and area of your life. It includes: creating outfits; recording them in photos and/or wardrobe charts; clearing out wardrobe items that are past their use by date, or that can't be used in flattering outfits that you love; and creating a shopping plan 

  • Shopping Success Sessions to transition your wardrobe to your new style. We'll shop to our plan. I'll do the pre-shopping leg-work for you: researching where to go and holding good candidates for you to try. This decreases the amount of time and energy you need to spend shopping. You'll find these sessions very different to shopping you do by yourself, or with a girl friend, especially if you hate shopping! Many clients tell me they now never want to shop by themselves, I save them so much frustration and stress! 

  • Wardrobe Integration Sessions to show you how to use new items to create outfits that reflect your style. The aim is to integrate new purchases with items already in your wardrobe so they feel fresh and new again and you can get more wear out of them. 

  • Makeup Lesson with my preferred makeup artist to update your makeup style. Even if you don't usually wear makeup, or wear very little makeup, it's a great thing to do to see what's possible! 

  • Recommendations to other professionals as needed. For example, to update your hair style, or improve your smile

Please note: we'll create your exact transformation makeover plan during your style discovery day, working out how many wardrobe and shopping sessions you need based on the results you're looking for.

The Transform My Style Program is broken down into 5 Separate Sessions

Session One: Intake Session

Session Two: Style Discovery, Body Shape Analysis, Color Analysis

Session Three- Closet Reorganization & Wardrobe Audit

Session Four- Hands-On Makeup Lesson

Session Five - Shopping Trip to the Mall


 Virtual Fashion Styling (men & women)

  • You initiate contact to consult your style need with me

  • Receive advice & tips communicated via email/ text/ instant messaging (Includes picture messages)

  • I will shop online, sending choices of curated looks tailored for you

  • You will be sent 2 options of complete outfits, with links included   i.e.: dress, shoes, and accessories  - Top, bottom, shoes, accessories

  • You can choose to purchase items online or visit the store

  • Already out shopping? I will have you dressed & looking great from head to toe.  I'll guide you and style you, using text/picture text

  • Service available for your use up to 2 times in 1 month

Corporate Workshops or Seminars


L.F.I Coaching & Development specializes in the Corporate Makeover. Invite us in-house to conduct our motivational seminars at your company or conference. We’ll engage employees/members through insightful presentations aimed at taking your business to the next level. These sessions are customized to address the specific needs and desires of the organization or group.





    Personal Branding - The Polished Professional: What Works and What Doesn't

  • How Do You Show Up to Your Life | Updating and Evaluating Your Personal Image

  • The Career-Ready Professional : From the Classroom to the Boardroom (New College Graduates)

  • First Impressions

  • Customized Image Presentations Based on the Organizations Goal*

Teen Girls:


  • Who Do You Think You Are? (Honoring and loving the skin you're in)

  • Act Like You Know (Personal and professional etiquette)

  • Style Star: How to acquire a stylish wardrobe on a budget)

  • Teen Appropriate Makeup...Less is more!

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